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Aces Dice Eagles Lighter Belt (Leather) WITH Ace of Spades LIGHTER

Aces Dice Eagles Lighter Belt (Leather) WITH Ace of Spades LIGHTER

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Aces Dice Eagles Lighter Belt (Leather) WITH Ace of Spades LIGHTER #beltbuckle #lighter #cards #belt

Check out this premium quality Aces Dice Eagles Lighter Belt Buckle with it's very own flip-style ace of spades lighter. A stylish way to hold up your pants while simultaneously stashing your favorite flip-style lighter in the front of the buckle.

Lighter is inconspicuous when worn. The perfect gift for belt buckle collectors, lighter collectors, gamblers, card players, casino lovers, novelty belt buckle lovers, and anyone who enjoys cool functional gadgets. Buckle is made of high quality zinc alloy metal, lighter is constructed of chrome finished steel.

Lighter fits safely and securely in it's slot, and will not come loose. Any flip style lighter will fit in this belt buckle, so you can swap in your favorite lighters.

Belt is genuine leather and heavy duty. This belt comes in one length(52 in) one size fits all, Trim-to-Fit, and very comfortable and flexible. Belt is approximately 1.5 inches wide.

 Belt Length  Waist Size Adjustable From (Inches)
One Size Trim-to-Fit (52 in) 20 inches - 47.5 inches


Belt Is Trim-to-Fit from 0 to 50 inches
Fits a 48 inch waist as-is, but can be trimmed to fit all waists below 48 inches.

To make it smaller:

1. Remove the leather buckle holder by unscrewing the 3 chicago screws(phillips head).

2. Cut Belt to the length you need.

3. Punch a new hole to reattach the leather buckle holder to the belt. (Hole Punch Provided)

4. Reattach leather buckle holder with the 3 chicago screws.

⦁ Color: Gold / Chrome / Black
⦁ Fits any snap style or interchangeable belts up to 1.6 inches wide.
⦁ Buckle Measures : 4.4 in x 2.5 in x 1 in
⦁ Shape: Dice Aces Eagles
⦁ Type: Novelty Metal Belt Buckle
⦁ Lighter will need to be filled by customer.

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