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7 Guitar Influencers You Should Be Following in 2020

The way we connect and share our lives is evolving.

Whether a huge brand or an individual, you can instantly share your day, your message, or your thoughts to a massive audience.In case you haven't noticed, Instagram is quickly becoming the go-to medium for EVERYTHING.

How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram while in conversation, or while "watching" a tv show? More than you'd like to admit right? Me too.Over the last 6 months, I've seen my own following (@AxeDrGuitar) grow to 10k and its increasing by the day. Its exciting. One thing I love about Insta, is the unexpected discoveries.

It happens at least once a week. I'll be scrolling the explore page and BAM. A new musician or account I've never heard of is now entertaining me. Thats why I want to share some amazing guitar accounts I've stumbled into on Insta. 

Whether you love pedals, crazy looking guitars, classic tube amps, offset guitars, death metal tones, or boutique telecasters, you can find an account devoted to it.

So, if you love guitar, then you'll want to check out these Instagrammers in 2020.

7 Guitar Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following in 2020.


Honorable Mention: @Guitar_Share

 I've become friends with @Guitar_Share . If you just enjoy guitar this is a great all around account to follow. Funny guitar memes, and viral guitar videos is @Guitar_Share 's specialty. 




Honorable Mention

@Puisheen (aka Mike Adams)

  This guy loves Offset Guitars. So much so, that his Instagram Profile is practically a wall of Fender Jags, Harmony Offsets, Jazzmasters, etc. He always has beautiful and unique guitars in his posts. Very unique Instagrammer.



7. @VeritasGuitars

I've been following @VeritasGuitars for a long while. They are a boutique builder specializing in customized fender style guitars.

Their Portlander has become a staple in the boutique guitar world, and rightly so. Lead Guitar Players from Bethel Music have pretty much made Veritas their exclusive choice. Specific artists include Michael Pope, David Hislop, and Bobby Strand (Bethel Music). Not just Bethel either, there is Patrick Thompson(Rend Collective), and Chason Ford (Jesus Culture).

That has resulted in a plethora of young guitarists in the Worship Guitar realm to want these things. Who said Artist Endorsements don't work? Not that these guys are officially sponsored by Veritas as far as I know. In all honesty I think its the quality of the guitar and word of mouth that is responsible for Veritas' recent surge in popularity. I mean, just listen to the guitar tone in Bethel's or Jesus Culture's music...it's pretty much EPIC, and not in the stupid millenial sense of the word, but truly epic, before that word was abused.

I think it has to be my favorite Tele-Alternative. They have positioned themselves as a higher end competitor to Fender, and the craftsmanship is blatenltly obvious from 50 feet away. Their Mini Master (Custom Fender style Jazzmaster/Jaguar) might be the best in the business. Its something special. Check them out.

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6. @McRocklin

I became aware of this guy after seeing a half dozen acrobatic guitar lick videos he posted. He is a fretboard master who's style is completely unique to him. His fretting hand does things it shouldn't be able to.

And...I'm not the only one to notice. He was at NAMM rocking his track suit and Kiesel up on stage. His presence in the guitar community only seems to be growing, and he's just recently launched a course to train you in his Ninja-like guitar style. It is a safe bet that he'll be around for years to come.

So, if you want to brush up on your technique, or just be utterly put to shame on the fretboard (in a good way), this is the account to follow. Very entertaining.



5. @SanjayFoi

This guy was the first unknown, yet truly talented guitarists I came across on Insta. This guy just rocks. He shreds with finesse on a stunning teal Aristides guitar, and frequently posts videos of him and his band in the studio. 

His guitar parts will make you wish you were a better player. The music is inspiring, and not the least bit overbearing considering it falls into the metal genre. You should absolutely look him up.



4. @SammyBoller

This was another happy find. Amongst other things, @SammyBoller is a pro guitarist with a specialty in the two handed tapping technique, for lack of a better word. Imagine a guitarist playing as if the fretboard were piano keys, while maintaining regular playing position. Sounds impractical right? WRONG.

He was the first I had seen using this technique to essentially write standalone songs using his guitar and a few pedals. It made me think I could do it. So I sat down with my Schecter Hellraiser, turned on a few delays, a big reverb, a bit of dirt, and I was off.

I watched his hand placement, right hand especially, and tried to duplicate one of his songs that was looping all day in my head. By the hour's end, I had surprised the hell out of myself. I have Sammy to thank for my newfound confidence in this two handed technique. If you haven't tried it, you should. Its truly gratifying and a fun way to renew your passion for guitar.

Its pretty mezmerizing when paired with the right delay, reverb, drive pedals etc. He's been featured in several guitar industry publications, and its well deserved. Keep an eye on this guy, his style sets him apart.



#3 @Hoelsveen (Torbjørn Auale Hoelsveen)

I recently discovered the amazingly soulful technical guitar playing genius @Hoelsveen. He is also the founder of @highonguitar. His personal account is quickly approaching the 100k followers milestone, and its easy to understand why, after viewing just one of his videos. He plays a telecaster most times, and his playing style is certainly within the realm of John Mayer style.

I never really got into John Mayer's music... its just too much whisper singing, and feels a little girly for my tastes. However, @hoelsveen is not EXACTLY like John Mayer, just reminiscent. The closest approximation of guitar playing style I could think of. In fact, I would venture to propose that this kid's guitar style is even better than the great John Mayer.

There is a fluid-like, elegant feel in his playing, and its safe to say he was born with a natural ability to write songs. Scrolling through his Instagram Feed is like listening to a few albums worth of music. Its that good all on its own. Thats huge. This is one Guitarist everyone should be keeping their eye on. I can't imagine a future where he isn't a staple in the guitar community. Check him out.



2. @Dan.Mcnally 

Once again, I just happened upon this guy. Dan McNally is a de-tuned metal rhythm super hero. He posts at least a few newly recorded guitar/bass/drum tracks every week. He even takes requests with his RIFF OF THE WEEK posts. You give him any random tuning you can think of, and he writes a downright gut-punch of a riff, and posts the video and professionally recorded audio track of him playing WITH DRUMS AND BASS! This was impossible 10 years ago.

His guitar tone is brutal, and his sense of rhythm is sickeningly good. Think of August Burns Red meets Meshuggah, and totally original.

Its baffling the amount of content he can produce in a week. If you love original, tasteful metal guitar, you need to check out @Dan.McNally on instagram. In fact, if you like any kind metal/hardcore, you'll really enjoy this guy's posts.




1. @AxeDrGuitar

 If you want to save a lot of time, just follow this guy. He's known for curating the best from everyone on this list and more.

A constant stream of the best guitars from builders around the world is just part of what you'll find @AxeDrGuitar . He finds talented musicians, brand new gear, and rare guitar posts you won't see anywhere else. Definitely follow this one.




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